GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) is becoming a major new responsibility for schools. You will be questioned on it in future OFSTED inspections.


You are custodian of many people’s secrets, and if any of those secrets leak or are stolen from the school (or any member of your staff, subcontractors’ staff) YOU are in the firing line. You will be in the press, and in the courts, facing massive fines, and your career will be in jeopardy.


GDPR will inevitably impose extra work and costs and risks on your school. But with intelligent advice, these burdens need not be crippling.


Datacable have been fortunate to associate with Safeguarding Monitor, a firm which we hold in the highest respect. We don’t think anybody comes close to them for comprehensive, thorough research into the field, together with a common sense understanding of real life in schools and the practical limitations on what you can do.


We provide our supported schools with a basic introduction to GDPR responsibilities, but we can also connect you to better consultancy than we have time or resources to deliver.  


Seriously, we can connect you to the best and most intelligent advice in this area. At amazingly low prices.


We also recommend you look to Safeguarding Monitor for a vastly improved / cheaper replacement for CPOMS and for your InVentry sign in system.