We have introduced a service that could take a load off your mind, put your school at the forefront of educational IT, and improve your pupils’ attainment.

Datacable offers top quality technical support to ensure that your school computer system is rock-solid reliable and safe. But we are aware that school staff and leadership have very limited access to good advice on:

So we are introducing our Curriculum Support Service to meet that need.

Datacable’s skill has always been in attracting and retaining the best possible staff; once again, we have assembled an unbeatable team (Rob Martin and Adrian Stygall

) who have done all the research so you don’t have to.

And it is not expensive. Introductory offer starts at £150* per year; for the higher price of £550* per year (on a three year contract) you get two consultant visits per year.
(* Datacable supported schools only. Slightly higher price applies if we don’t do your technical support)
The Datacable Curriculum Support Service is intended to give real help improving your pupils’ attainment and getting best value for money by giving you access to:Our standard (Technical Support) service concentrates on making your computers, networks, printers and servers run reliably. The extended service concentrates on school leadership and staff. That is, support for professional teachers by professional teachers,  as opposed to support for networks by technical boffins.

These services are aimed at:

It is intended that the programme will be flexible, and that schools will get a bespoke package tailored to their own particular needs and priorities

As always, Datacable takes enormous pride in the quality of its personnel.  This service stands or falls by the quality of our researchers and advisers, and once again, I think you will be impressed with the outstanding quality of our team.  But please don’t take my word for it; we would be happy to give you a complimentary one-hour consultancy before you consider signing up for anything.

Even though we believe that this service will be of unbeatable quality, it will be very reasonably priced for an introductory period.

Datacable supported schools Other schools
Entry-level contract, no consultant visits £150 £250
Per year, three year contract, 6 visits over 3 yrs £550 £700
Per year, one year contract, three consultant visits £750 £950

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