Plasma & TFT Screens are bringing the next generation of viewing technology into our everyday life. These flat panelled, high resolution, large format multimedia screens offer an unprecedented range of capabilities and at only a few inches deep they can be mounted in places where it would be impossible to put ordinary CRT monitors and televisions. Flat screen monitors provide the opportunity for combining video, audio and PC imagery fascinate and captivate the viewing audience.

SMART Board Interactive Displays

Combine the touch capabilities of a SMART Board interactive whiteboard with the crisp visuals of flat-panel display technology. The SMART Board E70 and 8000 series interactive displays offer fully integrated solutions, while the SMART Board interactive display overlay adds interactivity to your existing LCD or plasma flat-panel display. Both solutions enable you to create compelling lessons that can help you better highlight key concepts, engage students and improve learning outcomes.

SMART Board E70 interactive flat panel

Designed specifically for classrooms, the SMART Board E70 interactive flat panel combines a premium touch experience with the power of SMART Notebook software on a 70” display.

Brilliant visuals. Exceptional touch experience. No projector.

At 70″ (178 cm), the SMART Board E70 is the optimal size for classrooms, and its high-definition LED display provides brilliant visuals to capture the attention of every student. It encourages collaborative experiences that will inspire your students and teachers, bringing classrooms to life.

SMART Board E70 interactive flat panel




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